05. November 2018
The smart pendant that helps you find your phone, keys, anything.
Finalist of the competition Start:up of the year 2016 developed Chipolo - smart pendant that helps you find your phone, keys, anything. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they conquered all 5 continents in three ...
22. October 2018
A sticker that monitors your child’s vital signs and sends them to your smartphone app.
Every parent has faced the issue, how to quickly and without too much hassle measure the temperature of a sick child. Taking care of the sickling might result in sleepless nights filled with constant getting up and wak...
Modri planet
01. October 2018
3Dsurvey - a comprehensive software solution for geodesists
Company Modri planet has developed a comprehensive system for gathering geospatial information from air and analyzing it as well as converting it into exact 3D models. The solution consists of a pilotless drone that ta...
01. October 2018
 SaaS solutions for water and waste management that really work!
The Carinthian startup Symvaro are developing applications for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for the digital age: “smart city apps”. Recently they were named 'Austrian Startup of the Year 2017' by CESA an...
24. September 2018
The floating gramophone
Right in the centre of a vinyl revival, Slovene startup MAG-LEV Audio amazed audiophiles around the globe with their innovative product: the floating gramophone. In reality, vinyl enthusiasts were able to choose betwee...
17. September 2018
Tremipen® - measuring tremor as easy as measuring your body temperature
Tremor, the medical term for uncontrollable shaking, is one of the most common movement disorders in the world. Tremor diseases like Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor are not curable. Often, a tremor manifests in the up...
10. September 2018
Beeping - an online marketplace for home cleaning booking
Beeping is an online marketplace that matches customers with vetted, skilled, insured and background-checked cleaners, developed by the Startup of the year 2018, Next. Beeping offers subscription cleanings as well as o...
Harmony & Care
03. September 2018
The perfect match
When Anja Silberbauer (CEO of Harmony & Care) introduces her company, she loves to make a quick reference, saying, “We see ourselves as the combination of tinder and the delivery of quality 24hours-care to the elderly”...
27. August 2018
Daibau / MojMojster / Emajstor for all your 'handyman' needs
Daibau (Mojmojster in Slovenia, Emajstor in Croatia) is a leading regional platform for gathering all players in the construction industry, led by Slovene company Eforma. On a single page, individuals can communicate ...
Smart Optometry
17. August 2018
Digital solutions for the eye industry
Smart Optometry is a globally-oriented startup company developing digital solutions for the eye industry and ensuring eye and vision health. Global trends indicate that due to the modern lifestyle, half of the world po...
30. April 2018
Solution for the blind and visually impaired to feel digital content.
Feelif has been established in 2015, by an innovator Željko Khermayer, with a mission to empower the blind and visually impaired people by using user – friendly and adjusted communication and information technology. /
12. March 2018
Professional tool for water managers and platform for electronic fishing licences for anglers
The start-up developed a professional tool for water managers. It’s a unique system, established as a response to their needs. Web platform has been established with the purpose to sell fishing licenses...
22. February 2018
We help people experience things that they never thought possible
VIAR is Slovenian startup, which produces custom printed (branded) VR Cardboard goggles and develops VIAR360, a Cloud-Based Content Management System for Virtual Reality that can deliver VR content via the web.
16. February 2018
Simplification of the paper-plagued world of Bill of Lading documents
Most of the goods we are using every day came to us via shipping containers. In the shipping industry, one of the most important document is the Bill of Lading (B/L). CargoX is a blockchain based Smart B/L document, wh...
12. February 2018
Watch your kids learn about money through completing chores and working towards goals
Kids participating in household chores and the connected calculation of allowances and rewards are a frequent cause of dispute between parents and children. New generations are difficult to motivate with paper lists. T...
05. February 2018
Create logos in 3 minutes!
When starting a business, blog or some other type of external presentation a logo is a must. But, when designing a logo, most people face three basic problems: nobody likes to wait a long time for a logo design, busine...
24. January 2018
An advanced full-motion driving simulator for ultimate driving experience
NERVteh developed Zetadrive, an advanced full-motion driving simulator for ultimate driving experience. Fully adjustable and cleverly designed, their patented motion platform allows enhanced vertical movement, offerin...
Nuki Home Solutions
11. January 2018
The Nuki Box turns your intercom system into a smart door lock.
The Austrian startup Nuki Home Solutions developed the Nuki Smart Lock, which turns a smartphone into a smart key in less than five minutes and the Nuki Box, a system which allows the operation of electronically contro...
13. December 2017
First purpose built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain.
The team of Slovenian startup Prospeh wished to maximize the transparency of the origin of food products and thus developed OriginTrail, a system that will enable the consumer to have easy access to that information. T...
30. October 2017
Glamping for the eco-tourist enthusiasts
Company Lushna offers the owners of a charming natural location the possibility of redesigning it into an attractive ecotouristic destination, and guides them through the procedure from start to finish. The company off...
Bright Red Systems
24. October 2017
Inline Quality Assurance
BRS – BRIGHT RED SYSTEMS – is an innovative start-up company with focus on research and customized industrial solutions. They are offering products and knowledge in the field of optical metrology and quality management...
18. September 2017
Search engine for business contacts
SmartPA’s product started its journey as a big-data search engine of business contacts that swapped the time-consuming manual search of business contacts over search engines with an automated and quick way to...