SaaS solutions for water and waste management that really work!
Monday, October 1, 2018

Since the Roman times, man has had some clever ideas as to how to organize urban living. Running water, waste management and other elements are very important, not only to the citizen but also for the municipality and the companies managing those resources. The modern user wishes to monitor their usage and do the most it can to minimise the expenses and their footprint in the environment. By tackling and solving his own issues with modern living, the founder of startup Symvaro, Rudolf Ball and his team are developing innovative solutions that use modern technology to make citizen's everyday life easier.

Kickass SaaS solutions
Their solutions are focused on solving the problems of the urban dweller, for them to control and monitor their water and other utility usages by simply checking their smartphone or tablet. Symvaro are creating scalable and user-friendly SaaS-solutions for the water and waste sector. Their SaaS solutions for the utilities management sector are focused on two main groups of users. On the one hand we have the citizen who wishes to use an understandable and clean system that gives them the information they need. On the other hand there are municipalities, who need to use the system as a way to communicate with their users, give them relevant information and ensure that their demands are met.

When will the garbage collection come next time? Where can I find a dog toilet? Where can I dispose of old clothes nearby? These questions and many more are answered in the Müll (garbage) App. (photo: Symvaro)

Waterloo App - not tragic at all
By creating a service with both types of users in mind they create simple, easily integrated solutions with high added value for municipal administrations and citizens. Their flagship product, Waterloo is a simple and effective water utilities meter management solution, and the next step in effective water management. Easy to use is the name of the game and the team has recently gained recognition as the 'Austrian Startup of the Year 2017', title awarded annually by CESA. Symvaro is the alumni of the ABC Accelerator Slovenia's first programme, Smart cities, and the Klagenfurt's build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten.

Austria's Federal Chancellor Christian Kern was more than convinced by WATERLOO and congratulated the team on winning the Austrian Startup of the Year 2017 by CESA. (photo:

Forgot to take out the trash? Create an App!
Their first solutions came from Ball’s everyday hassles and issues that were bothering him. For example, he once forgot to put out the garbage and had to wait for weeks until the next pick-up. As a result they created the “Müll App”, an app which gives you all the information around the waste management in your neighborhood. The same thing happened with their current hit-product Waterloo and the app WATERLOO 365. After buying his first home, he was confronted with the task of reading out his water consumption by the water meter. This he found unmanageable, so, together with his team he talked to people in the water sector.

With WATERLOO they created an outstanding all-in-one tool for small-to big-sized water utilities that also brings the user closer to their water provider (photo: Symvaro)

They learned that one of the major issues of water providers is the management of their main business engine, which is the water meter. Their tasks get more and more complex due to legal, organisational and cultural changes. Also, water providers have not set up a strong relationship with their customers over the last decades, which is crucial and desperately needed to fix the first problem anyway. WATERLOO is therefore the perfect management-solution for water utilities, helping them to manage the lifetime of water meters, integrate their customers, increase visibility and reduce costs while raising awareness for the valuable resource water.



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A seven-figure investment for Klagenfurt's Symvaro!


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