A sticker that monitors your child’s vital signs and sends them to your smartphone app.
Monday, October 22, 2018
Every parent has faced the issue, how to quickly and without too much hassle measure the temperature of a sick child. Taking care of the sickling might result in sleepless nights filled with constant getting up and waking up the child to check their temperature etc. To make this process easier the Carinthian startup Sticklett has developed ‘Mary’, a haptic accessory, disguised in a cute ladybug, which can be attached to the underwear of children and babies, where it records the vital signs and in case of irregularities, sends an alarm to the parents’ smartphone. 

Mary, the fun and colorful parent’s helper
How to properly and noninvasively monitor a child’s temperature, breathing, and other vital signs? ‘Mary’ is a fun and simple accessory to be attached to e.g a child’s underwear without bother. ‘Mary’ tracks their vital signs and if predefined parameters are exceeded it alerts the parents via a smartphone app. Sticklett also produces fun, cotton-based children's clothes, offering every size from newborn to 12 years, with a ‘smart’ twist. ‘Mary’, the haptic accessory, disguised in a ladybug can be attached to the specially produced undershirts, where it records the vital signs and in case of irregularities, sends an alarm. In just three years since its foundation, it seems Sticklett has outgrown its infancy. The innovative fashion label has attracted a considerable amount of investment to conquer the e-health sector in the future. 

Monitors and alerts without your constant worry and checking
‘Mary’ was developed and tested with numerous professional partners who checked its reliability, child-friendliness and health-promoting effect. The fun design has a calming effect on children and measures continuously even while the child is asleep. If certain measuring parameters are exceeded, the alarm is immediately triggered on the smartphone of parents or caregivers. "Our main concern is, of course, on the one hand, the safety of the children, and on the other hand the relief of the parents, because they do not have to get up several times a night to measure the temperature of their sick child," emphasizes Sticklett founder, Michaela Schicho, and mother of two daughters. The ladybug sticker is attached to the child's clothing with a Velcro tab and transmits information via Bluetooth and mobile network connection. It monitors different parameters such as breathing, body temperature, sleeping behavior and activity of the child. With regards to its use of Bluetooth technology, ‘Mary’ was extensively tested and poses no risk to the user's health.

‘Mary’ surely is on its way to becoming the must-have accessory for parents taking care of their sick children.


sticklett technologies GmbH, Röschwiesenweg 1, 9073 Klagenfurt-Viktring, Carinthia, Austria
Michaela Schicho, CEO


Carinthian e-health startup Sticklett receives six-digit investment!


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