Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich (AMS) | “Public employment Service” Austria

Type: Other service providers
Location: Austria
Contact: General

Who we are

The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) is Austria’s leading provider of labour-market related services. We match candidates with job openings and assist jobseekers and companies, who turn to us, by offering advice, information, qualification opportunities and financial assistance.

We support start-ups in the following phases:

  • Business Idea
  • Company Foundation
  • Growth

We provide our services to start-ups of various sectors:

  • Business and Productivity
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Life Science and Agriculture
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Mobility and Transportation
  • Other Industries

The services we offer

With the business start-up programme the AMS offers unemployed persons a way to self-employment. The founders receive expert consultation and financial assistance:
  • The implementation of the business plan is supported by an expert.
  • Funding by covering the living expenses for unemployed persons during they develop their business model
  • Funding for the first employee
  • Funding for the qualification of employees in established companies, e.g. in growth phases

Our vision

We connect people and work. The AMS is the leading customer-oriented service provider on the Austrian labour market. We bring job seekers and employers together and ensure that unemployment does not take longer than it has to due to labour market conditions. Through our work we contribute to social stability.

How you can contact us

In case of interest, please refer your questions to the regional AMS office or to the AMS Kärnten/Carinthia!


Arbeitsmarktservice Kärnten, Rudolfsbahngürtel 42, 9021 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee