Primorski tehnološki park / Primorska Technology Park

Type: Science and Tech parks
Location: Slovenia


Who are we?

We promote the establishment, operation and growth of technologically-advanced companies offering high market potential. We assist such companies in overcoming business and market challenges in order to enable them to turn their ideas into products and enter the market as soon as possible.


Which phases of startups do we support?

  • Business idea
  • Seed/startup

Startups from which industries are we servicing?

  • Business and Productivity
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Life Science and Agriculture
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Mobility and Transportation
  • Other
We support ideas from diverse industries, and do not focus on any particular industry.


What kind of services do we offer?

Business know-how    
  • In the frame of the Start-up centre we offer various forms of business transfer of knowledge, in the form of organized Business Meetups, attendance and participation in local, national and regional startup events and provide various business tools and literature.

Networking & matchmaking    
  • We organize various events and offer participation at local, national and regional startup events, where teams and entrepreneurs can network and connect with various stakeholders of the ecosystem.

  • At the premises we offer offices, production facilities, warehouses, lecture, conference and meeting rooms and co-working spaces.

Funding sources    
  • We provide individuals and teams with information of possibilities for funding.

Access to markets    
  • We provide individuals and teams with all the necessary information for programmes which can offer them support and give them access to relevant markets.

What is our vision?

To become an internationally recognized support institution for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, whose support programs will be used by small and medium sized enterprises in Slovenia for development of new products, services and technologies and their competitive positioning on the global market.


How can you contact us?

You can contact us at



Primorski tehnološki park d.o.o. Mednarodni prehod 6 5290 Šempeter-Vrtojba Slovenia