Center za prenos tehnologij in inovacij na Institutu “Jožef Stefan”

Type: Universities and other R&D institutions
Location: Slovenia


Who are we?

Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation at the Jožef Stefan Institute acts as a financially independent unit within the Jožef Stefan Institute since 1 January 2011. Our primary task is to enable and facilitate the transfer of technologies and innovations developed at the Jožef Stefan Institute, the most successful Slovenian research organization, into economy, especially by initiating new industrial cooperation, establishing new spin-out companies, creating market analyses and helping protect and market intellectual property.

We help individuals with acquiring intellectual property rights, concluding contracts with business entities, establishing spin-out companies and their market penetration, patent applications and business plans. We offer advice on optimization of intellectual property protection and actively market intellectual property, provide professional legal assistance, especially in the field of IP law, identify possibilities of IP rights exploitation (technology assessment and market evaluation), seek for suitable partners for IP transfer, carry out negotiations and prepare high quality licensing and sales contracts.


Which phases of startups do we support?

  • Business idea
  • Seed/startup
  • Growth

Startups from which industries are we servicing?

  • Business and Productivity
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Life Science and Agriculture
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Mobility and Transportation
  • Other

We support ideas from diverse industries, and do not focus on any particular industry.


What kind of services do we offer?

Business know-how    
  • We offer individuals the access to necessary business know-how to develop their idea and enter the market. The primary goal is a successful transfer of technologies and innovations developed at the Jožef Stefan Institute into economy.
  • Innovating & intellectual property
  • We offer individuals full support in protecting their innovations and funneling them into the business market. We offer licencing and/or research collaboration with industry and other research institutes, for technologies developed at the Institute, from the fields of electronics, IT and telecommunications, nanotechnology and new materials, biological sciences and physical sciences.

Networking & matchmaking
  • At the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovations we also offer cooperation with other organizations and companies, helping them market the technologies they have developed.

Access to markets  
  • We offer individuals the opportunities to contractually collaborate with established industry players.  

What is our vision?

Primary task of the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation is enabling and facilitating the transfer of technologies and innovations developed at the Jožef Stefan Institute into business. Further, we are active in the fields of education and popularization of science amongst the young.


How can you contact us?

You can write us at


Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation, Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana