Alpe Adria Coworking & Coworking Spaces in Carinthia

Type: Incubators and Coworking places
Location: Austria
Contact: Sabrina Schifrer

Who are we?

We are a platform of coworking spaces in the alps-adriatic region. We present you a shortlist of the Coworking Spaces in Carinthia:
Hafenstadt, Hafen 11 & Anlegestelle Klagenfurt
This Mini-Hub is a starting point for a fruitful cooperation within the creative industry. You can find all different branches from film, photography, music, landscape architecture, communication and architecture in this local Mini-Hub. The vision is to use empty spaces in the city for new innovative economy. They also support the network of existing creative economy as well as the network of culture, economy and tourism. They see their USP in: “... more than working in a creative and unique surrounding in the city centre of Klagenfurt.” You have an office with a boat landing space.
Hafen 11 offers 1 conference room, 12 fix desks, Kitchen and a Sunny Balcony. At the Anlegestelle you can find 5 fix desks and the meeting room that is used as show room as well.
Hafenstadt: Villacher Str. 18, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Hafen11: Tarviser Straße 11, 9020 Klagenfurt a. Wörthersee (Lendhafen),
Anlegestelle: Linsengasse 2, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Business Campus Ehrenhausen
Business Campus Ehrenhausen (BCE) is located in the north/east of Klagenfurt. The vision is to live and further develop an economy that truly serves humanity. They are part of an environment that serves us on a daily basis as topsoil to further develop our businesses and ourselves. If you ask them which sector they are working in you will get the following answer: “Never mind the branches, it is the human beings who make up a great coworking space. We love to be inspired by the diversity of our co-workers.” They provide family friendly atmosphere for entrepreneurs, starting point for start-ups, the place to be for returnees and a runway for bigger enterprises that want to settle down in Carinthia.
The desks are in open spaces as well as in small offices, which can be rented either one day, two days per week or monthly. The office spaces are rented entirely to start-ups or small companies. One meeting room of 15m² and another Workshop- & Event space (~80m²) is part of the whole business concept and can be rented by the co-workers but also by external people.
Location: Suppanstraße 69 | 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Leuchtturm CoWorking Klagenfurt
Leuchtturm in Klagenfurt was created in 2016 and is now home to 23 members. It offers 240m for 23 desks, 1 meeting room, 1 kitchen and 1 small photo studio. The vision of Leuchtturm CoWorking Klagenfurt is to bring together creative (IT) minds. That is why they give home to people who are active in the IT, Marketing or Start-up scene.
The prices range from 25 Euros for a daily ticket to 205 Euros for a monthly ticket. A weekly ticket can be booked for 65 Euros. Other services are virtual offices and you have coffee and tea included.
Location: Luegerstraße 10 | 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
see:PORT Pörtschach
If you like to innovate and work at the Wörthersee see:PORT is the right place to be. This is an innovation and co-creation space. The specialization focuses on digitalisation, innovation, trends and strategies of the future as well as start-ups. Especially autonomous driving, smart lighting, smart farming and E-tourism are current project see:PORT is involved in. See:PORT is very much engaged in creating a strong network and establish a working Hub in southern Austria. It cooperates with existing Hubs and wants to cooperate with existing networks. Furthermore, they started to build a network of investors – the Investor Circle.
There are 4 different areas: The playroom (around 60 m), the working area, a seminar room and a cafeteria (open for conversations). Furthermore there are 2 meeting rooms and storage. Coffee and printer (fair use) is included. They have a grill and a kitchen and also dogs are allowed.
Location: Hauptstraße 204 | 9210 Pörtschach
Makerspace Carinthia
This is the youngest Mini-Hub in Carinthia a Makerspace that is funded by the chamber of commerce Carinthia with an investment of the FFG Austria. It is the hotspot for all hardware start-ups in the Alps Adriatic region. They want to offer services in the Makerspace with attached Workspace for start-ups and small business owners with technical hardware products. The focus is to attract people who build their first prototypes there.
The Makerspace offers:
  • Makerspace with different machines
  • 37 workplaces (flex desks and container offices)
  • 1 meeting room
  • Stage with technical equipment
  • Community kitchen
  • Printing machine
  • Wi-Fi
Location: Lastenstraße 26 | 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Bizfarm Villach
Bizfarm Villach is located in the suburbs of Villach. In the space of a former bakery the Bizfarm hosts around 10 entrepreneurs, freelancers, SME partners and one-person businesses. The main area of interest is mobility and they have different companies that work in that sector. Shared office space is supplemented with the benefits of active collaboration in the network of the coworking community.
Bizfarm offers a flexible workplace with high-speed Internet 24/7 available. Furthermore, shared office infrastructure with printer, plotter, meeting room etc. in a secured environment.  They live the cooperation between people working at the location. Their core asset is the network in the mobility sector.
Location: Obere Fellacherstraße 17, 9500 Villach
Coquartier Villach
The Coquartier Villach is a coworking and meeting space in the city center of Villach. They offer daily tickets for desks and meetings rooms. It is mainly for business users.
Location: Lederergasse 15, 9500 Villach
Otello - Open Technology Laboratory
Open technology laboratories are community spaces where events are realized, that are of main interest to their users. Various community leaders meet to give kids, pupils and inhabitants the possibility to find their passion in order to make an impact. You can find them in Ferlach, Villach and Spittal.
Ferlach: Hauptplatz 14, 9170 Ferlach
Villach: Kaiser Josef Platz 3, 9500 Villach
Spittal: Brückenstraße 6, 9800 Spittal an der Drau
Schallar 2 Coworking Moosburg
As one of the first coworking spaces on the countryside, Coworking Moosburg was established in 2014.
Under the motto "Creativity is our future", the municipality of Moosburg promotes the settlement and development of the creative and economic milieu. In the middle of the multifunctional building on the village square, a new collective office for creative and self-employed people has been created. Schallar2 is the former restaurant and gives home up to 9 creative minds.
In addition, there is a communal kitchen with a café-bar, a meeting room with a large flat-screen screen for presentations, a digital printing machine and fast Internet and Wi-Fi. In the basement, there you find a workshop & event space with a built-in beamer which is also used for yoga classes.
Location: Feldkirchner Str. 2, 9062 Moosburg
Leuchtturm Coworking Space Ossiacher See
This coworking space is located at the Ossiacher Lake and hosts around 5 people. Whether olive oil, organic and Carinthian wine in STOCKLWEINgarten or ecological thermal insulation with cellulose fibres - the is hosting different branches. Also a CrossFit studio is located in the space near the lake. And thanks to the sunny location, they now offer CO2-free electricity. Their 20.5 kWp PV system supplies enough energy for the day, even on cloudy days.
Location: Mitterlingweg 3, 9520 Stöcklweingarten

Which phases of startups do we support?

We support Coworking spaces in the Alps-Adriatic region.

Startups from which industries are we servicing?

We support community businesses.

What kind of services do we offer?

We offer content, expertise and know-how in how to run community-spaces and knowledge about the region. Further on we connect the different players and organize conferences and workshops as well as community events.

What is our vision?

To connect all creative beings in the Alps-Adriatic region.

How can you contact us?
Sabrina Schifrer


Kranzmayerstraße 61c, 9020 Klagenfurt