Cryptomania - an analog game about a digital hysteria

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
There is a new Slovene crowdfunding campaign you can back up on Kickstarter! If you want to broaden your horizons in the field of cryptocurrencies and have fun while doing it, Cryptomania might be the game for you. The Slovene entrepreneurial team Wololo is in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign working toward the goal to convince boardgame and cryptocurrencies enthusiasts all over the world to back their project. Their goal is 120.000 USD (or 104.000 EUR).

Cryptomania is a fun, unpredictable and educational board game for your family and your friends. A player moves around the board by tossing the dice and moving their figurine. You can land on various fields such as mining pools, power plants and stock markets. For instance, if you land on a power plant and purchase it, you can start collecting provisions from your fellow players. 

How the game will develop and unfold depends on each individual player, depending on their luck and decisions made along the game. During the game the players have to keep track of various dangers as stock market crash, hacker attack or a sudden drop in Bitcoin. Through the game players will learn the true elements and dangers in trading with criptocurrencies. 

You can take a look at their Kickstarter campaign and back them here

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