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Digital Transformation of SME’s in Slovenia – Status Quo and Opportunities

Novel digital technologies, such as cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things, are drastically changing the way business is being done. Consequentially, digital transformation emerged as a highly important paradigm that has been established with the rise those technologies. One of the most important outcomes of digital transformation is to enable more comprehensive and systematic business models while simultaneously lowering overall costs to companies. Focusing on SME’s and start-ups, one of the biggest challenges for them is going digital, with the main goal of leveraging their business as efficiently as possible.


Want to Innovate Like Apple? Come to the free corpo post-PODIM #InvestEU workshop!

How can you create a winning internal corporate culture similarly to how the Apple corporation tackled it? How can the Internet of Things help in transforming a big established company? How should corporations tackle the optimal establishment of their own programmes for encouraging intrapreneurship and collaboration with startups? And finally – how can the foundation of a corporate venture capital fund be supported by the European Commission with the EFSI fund through the European Investment Bank?


Jernej Mirt, VIAR: »People vote with wallets best.«

At this year’s PODIM Conference, the young Slovenian startup VIAR won the Startup of the Year award, but before that they convinced renowned partners and investors with their product Viar360. We talked to Jernej Mirt, one of the founders and the CEO of VIAR, about the opportunities of the VR technology, and the importance of support by the startup ecosystem in the life of a young startup.


Nejc Škoberne, Genialis: “Work with data represents a large part of research in biology”

In the investment part of this year’s PODIM Conference, startup Genialis and its pitch convinced the jury of international investors and won the laurels of the PODIM Challenge, thus also winning the main award: a trip to USA. Genialis’ CEO Nejc Škoberne talked to us and revealed how two computer science students have gone astray and landed in the business of developing software for biodata analysis, and how their solution helps biologists become data analysists.


ABC Accelerator is ready for a hyper digital era with a new partnership

In the middle of May, the ABC Accelerator presented a partnership with the American company Enterprise Development Group (EDG). The collaboration isn’t only an incredibly recognition for the accelerator, but also presents additional reinforcement of the Golden Gate Bridge, connecting Ljubljana and Silicon Valley, thus giving Slovenian and European companies new opportunities to connect with American companies and vice-versa.


maj 2017

30. MAJ

PODIM 2017: Every year better, every year more serious, and every year more!

“Every year better, every year more serious, and every year more! Congratulations to the team, all partners, and sponsors. It’s difficult to imagine all the necessary organization, coordination, and scheduling. We know it’s not easy, and we’re glad that you’re succeeding! … we don’t have recommendations for improvements, we only wish for you to keep the same high standard that we witnessed this year …” Once again this year, praise for a successfully carried out PODIM Conference poured in from the mass of 826 participants from 33 countries, proving that we are heading in the right direction with the biggest and most influential startup conference in the region.

19. MAJ

Beeping to enter a partnership with the multinational corporation Henkel

Henkel and Beeping, the web platform for booking household cleaners, entered a business collaboration. The collaboration between the two companies, which is starting with joint marketing and sales activities, already has long-term collaboration visions set up. In the future, the partners are planning to upgrade activities on the product level in accordance with Henkel’s development vision, focus on the user, digitalization, and expanding the operation of the web platform Beeping.

11. MAJ

The winner of PODIM Challenge is start-up Genialis!

Genialis builds software that empowers scientists to autonomously interact with biological data through Real-Time Interactive Visualization technology, which provides an unprecedented level of life scientist user engagement with data.

10. MAJ

Up To Eleven Seeks To Attract Startups From The Alps-Adriatic Region

Matthias Ruhri is the Head of the Company Builder program at the Graz Up To Eleven accelerator. This is not a typical startup accelerator nor a VC fund, but rather "a company builder for startups with high ambitions", says Ruhri. They are usually the first institutional investor and work hand in hand with startups to prepare them for international breakthrough, with no time limit to their cooperation with the startups. This year they have joined forces with the PODIM Conference to connect with startups from the Alps-Adriatic region.

10. MAJ

Slovenian startup of the year is VIAR!

At the gala conclusion of the first day of the international PODIM Conference in Maribor, company VIAR received the Slovenian Startup of the Year award. With the award, the key stakeholders of the Slovenian startup ecosystem wish to highlight and award companies and their teams, whose persistence, global achievements, and bold development vision set an example in the Slovenian and global startup environment.

8. MAJ

To a new rise of Maribor by looking for fresh capital, attracting new investments, and supporting startup companies!

The Municipality of Maribor is one of the key supporters of the PODIM Conference for the second year in a row. We talked to the mayor, Dr Andrej Fištravec, about the activities and results that are helping establish Maribor as a recognizable point on the global map of the world. Looking for fresh private capital, actively attracting and supporting new investments, and implementing programmes, such as Start:up Maribor, have given the first notable results after three years of hard work.

8. MAJ

Investment plan for Europe has already supported more than 3,000 startups!

Before this year’s PODIM Conference, we sat down with Zoran Stančič, Head of the European Commission (EC) Representation in Slovenia, and Peter Jacobs, Head of the European Investment Bank (EIB) office in Slovenia. Both institutions (EC and EIB) are together implementating the Investment plan for Europe, and stimulating removal of the investment obstacles in the EU.

5. MAJ

Jernej Močnik, Nova KBM: Fintech will mostly affect payment transactions and debit card payments

“Modern technologies are quickly and radically changing the financial industry. Areas where we can expect significant changes mostly include payment transactions and debit card payments, because fintech companies are expecting solutions such as e-wallets, mobile payments and payment transactions in real time. That is why Nova KBM is trying to introduce similar solutions and improvements into its own systems, while at the same time ensuring simple and safe use of our channels and interfaces, faster provision of services, and the best possible user experience,” emphasized Jernej Močnik, director for Corporate Banking and SME in Nova KBM, in the interview. Nova KBM is this year’s PODIM Challenge blue-chip partner for the field of fintech, and the general sponsor of the PODIM Conference for the sixteenth year in a row. We talked to him about the disruptions that we can expect in banking and what innovative startup teams can anticipate from collaborating with the second biggest bank in Slovenia.

5. MAJ

Startup Live Trieste: in 54 hours from an idea to a pitch!

Register now for Startup Live event in Trieste – your chance to see what you and your team can perfect in 54 hours with the help of top mentors, investors and other enthusiasts. You’ll start on Friday, 26. April with a glimpse of an idea, which you will then present in front of a jury on Sunday afternoon, 28. April, and convince them, that you have a unicorn in your hands.

4. MAJ

Damjan Slapar, Iskratel: It takes a corporate investor one phone call to solve a problem that would take a startup one month

Since launching the investment fund Iskratel Startup at the start of the year, Iskratel has established contact with more than 30 startups that are potentially interesting for collaboration with the leading European provider of information and communication solutions. That’s because they don’t immediately dismiss the startup teams that don’t fulfil the investment conditions, but rather keep track of them, some teams even give them weekly progress reports. Iskratel advises them how to get traction, how to change their business model or which steps to take so that Iskratel management will someday decide whether they are suitable for an investment or not. We talked to Damjan Slapar, Iskratel’s CTO, about the reasons why they’re actively looking for strategic partnerships with startups, about the process that potentially interesting teams go through, and about what personally convinces a manager with rich experiences from the startup world.

4. MAJ

We are introducing the finalists for the Slovenian Startup of the Year

We are introducing the six finalist start-ups that placed into this year’s finals for the Slovenian Startup of the Year! Every year, the title Slovenian Startup of the Year is earned by a startup that convinces the expert committee with their team, product and potential for successful business operations and growth, as well as represents the new generation of Slovenian innovative entrepreneurs with their achievements, actions, reputation and development potential.

3. MAJ

Zoran Miloševič, Zavarovalnica Triglav: Getting real about disruptions in insurance or why publishing the record of an insurance claim paid in 3 seconds is an excellent PR move!

Is the record of an insurance claim paid in mere three seconds, recently published by one of the technologically most advanced American insurance companies, a harbinger of some new insurance times or mostly a good PR move? Will insurance companies still be among us in 20 or 30 years? When will we take out insurance with help of virtual assistants? We talked to Zoran Miloševič, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at Zavarovalnica Triglav, about all this as well as about the influence of the blockchain technology and how to correctly understand the role of fintech and insure-tech in the disruption of the traditional, rather conservative insurance industry.


april 2017


Suzana Leben, Telekom Slovenije: About erasing borders between industries and infinite possibilities of collaboration with startups brought by 5G, IoT, and connectivity

The industry of telecommunications has so far been most disrupted by providers such as Skype, Viber, WeChat and other similar solutions. On the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, it is facing an erasure of borders between industries, fusion of technologies, and a search for new sources of income outside the primary activity.


Iztok Renčelj, Pošta Slovenije: We are interested in solutions that consider the network of 550 offices, 2,400 postmen and 1,200 vehicles in the field!

Pošta Slovenije, the biggest provider of post services and one of the biggest providers of courier and information services in the country, is planning up to seven investments into startups this year. They realize that finding good teams with interesting marketable ideas is a challenge for practically all corporations looking for new business opportunities in collaboration with startup companies. They are answering this challenge with a special team of experts and experienced mentors for work with startups, a branched logistic network and other business connections, including foreign postal operators that can help with foreign markets penetration.


Mateja Lavrič, Kolektor Ventures: There needs to be some chemistry between the investor and the startup; a feeling you can work together and trust each other

More than 140 conducted interviews with startups from Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and the US, first three successfully concluded investments and two new ones on the way are the impressive results of the corporate fund Kolektor Ventures in its first nine months of operations. We talked to the managing director of the fund, Mateja Lavrič, about the fund’s experience with the leap onto the national and regional startup scene and what is the thing that ends up swaying the investor scale.


Valter Leban, Kolektor: How can you give meaning to new technologies for smart factories of the future?

Imagine an industrial plant in Mexico, where there have been a standstill and downtimes. A Mexican foreman and a colleague from tech support of the industrial group Kolektor in Idrija use virtual reality to look at what went wrong and fix it in real time. In another example, a business partner approaches you with an idea of a glass that should be able to handle a fall from the height of three meters. Alongside such a glass, you also have to create the entire technology for it and set up a factory that will be able to supply a global market. How to take these scenarios of the fourth industrial revolution and include new technologies and startups? We talked about all this with Valter Leban, board member of Kolektor ...


What kind of startups are PODIM Challenge 'corpo' partners? Also, why and how to cooperate with them?

In which fields are they looking for cooperation with startups, who are the contact people, how many startups have they invested in, what are their plans in this field until the end of 2017 and what is supposed to be the ideal scenario from the first meeting until the signing of the contract? We set these questions to all six PODIM Challenge 'corpo' partners - Kolektor, Iskratel, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Pošta Slovenije, Telekom Slovenije and Nova KBM, who in partnership with Start:up Slovenija initiative and PODIM conference are systematically looking for opportunities for strategic connections with startups.


marec 2017


Pošta Slovenije will answer logistical challenges of the first and last mile in partnership with startups!

Pošta Slovenije is the most important provider of post service in the whole territory of the Republic of Slovenia with a more than 20-year tradition of independent business. To the challenges of digitalization, the Pošta Slovenije group answers with investments in IT and informatization in packet machines, automated post office, informatization of postmen, cashless mobile payments, electronic services and automatization of logistical processes.


In partnership with startups to bank services of the future!

Nova KBM is a universal bank with the longest, more than 150-year Slovenian banking tradition. The owners of the bank are renowned international company Apollo, a global operator of investments, and the European Bank for reconstruction and Development. With new owners came a new and ambitious vision - to become the leading bank in Slovenia. Nova KBM which now has around half a million users has for many years been actively involved with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, in part as a general sponsor of the PODIM conference.


Zavarovalnica Triglav also collaborates with startups to ensure innovative solutions for a safer future!

Zavarovalnica Triglav, the leading insurance company in Slovenia and the Adriatic region, strives for modernity, innovativeness, and dynamism. In a centuries-old industry, their openness to ideas, understanding of diversity and collaboration between generations helps them solve challenges and bring quality, simple, innovative and comprehensive solutions to the market, creating a safer future.


Telekom Slovenije will collaborate with startups in developing solutions for telecommunications of the future

This year, Telekom Slovenije is joining us as a PODIM Challenge blue-chip partner. They are a comprehensive provider of ICT services in Slovenia and a leading player in introducing and connecting new generations of mobile and fixed communications, system integration and cloud services, and multimedia content. With modernization, development of broadband optic networks and mobile networks of the fourth generation, and by actively participating in European projects for developing the next generation of telecommunication networks (5G), Telekom Slovenije has already created a platform for a transition to complete digitalization, management of devices and services, and communications and connectivity between devices.


We are starting the tenth Start:up Slovenia and announcing the new round of P2, SK75 and SK200 financing!

The already sixth investment round SK75 and SK200 of Slovene Enterprise Fund and the tenth edition of the competition Start:up Slovenia with P2 will be presented in detail at Forum 100% Startup this spring once again. The forum is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 March, in Technology Park Ljubljana and we will simultaneously carry out a series of nine roadshow events that will happen from 9 to 17 March in Celje, Velenje, Kranj, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Koper, Slovenj Gradec and Novo mesto. We suggest that you also mark 22 March 2017 in your calendars for applying to the pre-selection procedure for the competition Start:up Slovenia with P2 and obtaining SK75 and SK200 investments!


februar 2017


Guys from Apple and HoloLens are coming to PODIM this year!

While unstoppable Slovenian skiers have been collecting excellent sports results this winter, the PODIM team has been collecting excellent speakers who will make this year’s PODIM Conference an unforgettable experience with great value for all attendees! Globally recognized entrepreneurs, investors, managers and corporate representatives who will join us this year also include Chuck Goldman and Michael Nassirian, former bosses from Apple and Microsoft’s HoloLens, Sunil Sharma, one of the most visible Canadian investors, Rina Onur Sirinoglu, well-known Turkish entrepreneur and leading partner in 500 Startups Istanbul, and many other top-notch speakers. So mark your calendars – we’ll see each other at PODIM, the biggest and most influential startup conference in the Alps-Adriatic region, on 10 and 11 May 2017 in Maribor, in the Habakuk Hotel under Pohorje.


How much does my word count, what is whose, and who is truly in charge?

Human resource management sounds like a thing that only “dinosaur” corporations deal with. But this is of course not the case, because it is in startup companies where people are the most important for realizing an idea, and we can only form a winning startup team with clear communication and clearly-defined tasks, roles and expectations! These were the words of the doctor of psychology and CEO of HRM Maja Fesel Kamenik at the lecture on forming and managing teams, intended for winter bootcamp participants who received Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment last autumn. This is how she accompanied them on the path to harmonious work and creation with the first co-workers and an optimal process of coordinating team growth.


Who joined forces in the CorpoHub and why is this good news for startups?

February marks the beginning of operations for CorpoHub, a company focused on effective innovation and agile transformation inside bigger companies. CorpoHub came to existence by joining the knowledge and portfolios of 30Lean, Agilspot and the work of the BIC Business Intelligence Centre. It consists of experienced and dynamic work of experts, consultants, entrepreneurs – Matej Golob, Lojze Bertoncelj, Voranc Kutnik and Daniela Bervar Kotolenko.


New 3D printer of the Pel3o team already exciting new users!

Pel3o, an innovative Slovenian startup in the field of desktop 3D-printers and Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK75 investment recipient, introduced the new improved 3D-printer Lov3DII at the start of February. After introducing the printer to the public, they already got the first excited reactions and enquiries, because it’s an excellent tool for users who work in industrial design and plastic mass, but at the same time the printer is also accessible to all enthusiasts for new 3D-print technologies.


Start:up Slovenia under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology joined the Visegrad partnership for building a collective regional startup platform

On Tuesday, the delegation of the minister of economic development and technology Zdravko Počivalšek traveled to Budapest for bilateral talks with the Hungarian minister of national economy Mihály Varga, and was joined by Matej Rus, head of Initiative Start:up Slovenia. The main purpose of his attendance was to join the partnership for building a collective regional startup platform, which was originally joined by four countries of the Visegrad Group – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and associate members Austria and Germany.


Iskratel is planning to invest 5,000,000 € into promising startups from the region in the next five years!

Slovenian established companies are strongly increasing their activities in the field of collaborating and investing into promising startups from Slovenia and the region! After the industrial giant Kolektor Group presented their investment fund Kolektor Ventures last year at the PODIM Conference, the Kranj-based Iskratel revealed its plans for a newly founded investment fund Iskratel startup at the press conference on Tuesday. They also announced partnership collaboration at this year’s PODIM Conference and presented the investment criteria and details of their first startup investment.


januar 2017


Tibopo – creator of the mDRIVE system and startup of the year 2015 received a Privacy Ambassador award!

This year’s recipient of the Privacy Ambassador award is the startup company Tibopo, developer of the mDrive system and recipient of the title Slovenian Startup of the Year 2015, which is ceremoniously announced by the Initiative Start:up Slovenia every year at the PODIM Conference.


Doctrina Raises €1,020,000 of New Capital

Doctrina, a start-up company transforming the traditional transfer of knowledge between pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, has raised a total of €1,020,000 in series A funding. The investment will enable Doctrina to execute its growth plans and scale its solution to new markets.


MedicoApps team impressing pilots across the world!

FlySentinel is a prestigious wristwatch for pilots and simultaneously the first monitoring system in the world that measures their psychophysical state and different parameters in the environment during the flight. The smart device identifies potential risks and informs the pilot, advises them what to do to solve the problem, and in case of an accident, it can also send a distress call and communicate the GPS location.


The tiniest and thinnest Bluetooth trackers in the world are Chipolo’s new products!

At the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show that took place from 5 to 8 January 2017 in Las Vegas, Chipolo introduced two new products – Chipolo Sticker in Chipolo Clip. Being smaller and thinner than any competitor on the market, they change the role of Bluetooth trackers, which can now be used on smaller and thinner items like glasses, wallet or personal documents. Besides spreading the line of their innovative products, Chipolo (recipient of Slovene Enterprise Fund’s SK200 investment) is also launching its Chipolo Platform, which allows companies to integrate the power of the smart location in their products, and connect them into Chipolo’s network of lost items.


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