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In December 2010, the National Institute of Biology established its Technology Transfer Office, which is responsible for the management of intellectual property of the Institute. The office acts as a liaison with the economic sector, manages Institute's patents, and is responsible for the transfer of knowledge into society.
Researchers can attract interest and generate enthusiasm within the scientific community by presenting their scientific achievements and research results in publications and public presentations. However, without additional investments necessary for the transfer of knowledge to the market, these breakthroughs may never be used in practice for the benefit of society. The purpose of the Office is therefore to accelerate the process of transforming scientific achievements into tangible products and services and return all earned income to the Institute and its researchers in order to support new research.
Technology Transfer Office supports researchers to transfer their useful knowledge to the market and ensure protection of their intellectual property. Support for researchers includes the assessment of potentially promising technologies. Office assist them also in finding funding for the commercialization of new knowledge in order to develop new technologies and in finding partners / companies who are interested in product development by using these new technologies. Office team provides advise to researchers in the process of defining licensing strategies and assist them in negotiations.
Technology Transfer Office helps entrepreneurs to establish contacts with researchers at NIB and to identify promising new technologies. NIB researchers continuously generate useful new knowledge, which is assessed, marketed and licensed by Technology Transfer Office. The office also helps entrepreneurs in the establishment of joint Research and Development units.