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RSG Capital was founded in 2006 as RSG, razvojno svetovanje in financiranje projektov, d.o.o. Its only founder was the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, which provided the initial 3.5 million EUR needed to start operations and make the first investment. The goal was to invest in companies in their earliest development stage. As the legislation regulating venture capital companies was not yet in place in Slovenia at the time, RSG operated as a financial holding company. In 2007, as soon as the appropriate legislation was adopted, RSG founded the venture capital company Prvi sklad d.o.o., changed its name to RSG Capital (RSG Kapital) and became a venture-capital management company. Today, RSG Capital is a leading venture-capital management company based in Slovenia and is helping to build a supporting environment for high-tech businesses.
By developing and managing a wide range of services, RSG Capital is creating an environment conducive to the development of globally successful, high-added-value companies with above-average returns in Central and South-east Slovenia. RSG Capital, with its wide network of partner institutions, including universities, institutes, technology parks, incubators, renowned companies and financial institutions, actively contributes to a dynamic and stimulating business environment. Well-established business connections in target markets and an experienced management team guarantee the success of our business operation and of our portfolio companies, as well as further market development.