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Goals of the project

The project is strategically important because it offers new joint measures and services of the entrepreneurship environment based on current economic circumstances on both sides of the border.
The general goal is increasing competitiveness and economic development in border areas by connecting competent institutions of knowledge and support environment, by participating in entrepreneurship promotion, and with the capability of having inter-regional influences on innovation, that is by developing innovative products, technologies, and services.

Value added of cross-border collaboration:

The value added of the project is focused on finding strategic opportunities and finding a competitive position by positioning the entire region in identified globally-focused market niches.

Expected outputs

WP 1: Management and Evaluation
  • Co-financing contract and partnership contract
  • Partner meetings reports
  • Project report
WP 2: Communication and Dissemination
  • Publications in the media
  • Carrying out promotional and dissemination workshops
  • Press conference

WP 3: Cross-border framework for startups
  • Cross-border analysis of the entrepreneurship ecosystem’s state
  • Strategy for the joint cross-border platform “Start-up Launch to Europe”
  • Recommendations for joint activities and services of the cross-border platform “Start-up Launch to Europe”
  • E-platform
  • Implementation of a pilot activity – Roadshow
  • Concept for approaching and working in the field of family SME acquisition 

WP 4: Revision of innovation capacity
  • Concept of innovation capacity revision
  • Concept of technology evaluation
  • Overview of new production technologies and trends
  • Characteristics of rapid prototyping and possibility of SME support
  • Transfer of best methodology transfer practices for carrying out innovation capacity revision
  • Individual meetings with SMEs and data collection
  • Proposal of further measures for strengthening innovation potential and competitiveness in the border region

WP 5: Networking of newly developed support services
  • State of cross-border open innovation and living labs
  • Recommendations for open innovation and living lab policy
  • Action plan for open innovation and living labs 


Consortium of partners:

1. Pomurje Technology Park
2. Styrian Technology Park
3. IRP Institute for Entrepreneurship Research
4. E-institute
5. Lakeside Science & Technologz Park 
6. CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft
7. TOB - Technologieoffensive Burgenland